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Best advice for choosing your perfect Prom Dress


Your prom is an enjoyable day and right of passage so why not treat it with the time it deserves? Make a day of finding your ideal prom dress – rope in some friends and/or family members and make a real day of it. Why not go for lunch? Have a glass of prosecco? Enjoy time with people who love and care for you and who will also help you find that perfect prom dress.


Shopping while hungry is the worst! You can make rash decisions and ultimately the wrong decision on your prom dress if you’re ravenous……take the time out to enjoy your day and sit down to a lovely lunch with your friends to make the most of the day.


We understand that lots of women just don’t like the size label. Whether it be S, M or L, ignore that label and get the right fitting dress – it will make all the difference on the day! You want room to move and be comfortable, after all, you’ll be wearing this dress for many hours and you want to look your best and believe us, painful faces don’t look great in your prom photos. It doesn’t matter what size you are, Jora Collections has a beautiful dress to fit all sizes and shapes and no-one will know what size you’re wearing, they’ll only see the beautiful silhouette our dresses create.


If we do say so ourselves (of course we will!), our dresses are amazing, however, confidence always makes a dress look even better! To look confident in your prom dress you need to make sure you’ve got a good fit that is comfortable. If you look comfortable (and of course amazing in a Jora Collections dress), you’ll be confident.


Of course, the shop you’re buying from should make you feel comfortable and help you with the best purchase but we understand your friends and family will be involved too. Lots of our customers find that their Mum’s are the best to help. Mum’s know you well, sometimes better than you know yourself, and they’re not in competition with you when it comes to buying the best dress to show off at your prom, whereas sometimes friends who are attending the prom are more interested in what dress they are going to want so always think of your Mum to add to your buying party.


It’s no-one’s business what you spend on your prom dress but here at Jora Collections, we understand budget is always important. That’s why we supply stunning dresses to our distributors for amazing prices, so they can pass these on to customers. You’ll find the best prom dress at the right price to look amazing.

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